Post Pregnancy Sex Blues

Even the most promiscuous woman in the world may find that there is a period of their life when they aren't interested in sex at all; the post pregnancy period of anywhere between eight weeks to over a year. There are a number of reasons for the post pregnancy sex blues, but there are also ways to mitigate the blues, so don't despair if you are the woman or the man; you can get your sex life back on track again!

Reasons for Post Pregnancy Sex Blues

• Exhaustion. Pure and simple exhaustion kills more moods than anything else. Exhaustion from birth, from taking care of a baby at all hours of the day and night and from trying to adjust to a new way of life; all of these things are wearing on the body, mind and soul and thus ruin your libido.

• Hormonal changes. During and after pregnancy a woman's hormones are all over the map and this alters her libido. The hormone changes lower libido for a time (as an evolution mechanism to prevent pregnancy too soon after giving birth) and are caused by things such as breast feeding and the internal demand to pay more attention to baby. Hormonal changes can also shoulder some of the blame for vaginal dryness and other problems.

• Gross out factor. Many men just have a problem having sex with their wife after birth and women pick up on that. Women can also have the same emotional response, finding what happened to them too traumatic physically and emotionally to let even their husband near them for a while.

• Post-partum blues/depression. Giving birth is difficult and many women suffer from blues while some of them suffer from outright depression. Although the blues only last a couple weeks usually, the depression can last over a year even with help and longer without. Depression is not an aphrodisiac by any stretch of the imagination and it's very hard to indulge in anything approaching sex.

• The two to three month period women are recommended to wait. Most doctors recommend waiting anywhere between three and nine weeks before having intercourse because of post pregnancy bleeding and other issues. This period of time can have the 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' result, but it can also make women less inclined to have sex afterward.

There are some simple ways to deal with post pregnancy sex blues and they mostly require patience for both partners. Sensitivity, understanding, and patience will net both partners far better results than trying to force the issue. Treat your new mother like you two are dating again for purposes of sex (take it slow and easy!) and let her get some rest sometimes and this alone can help to restore your sex life. If nothing works, at least remember that for most women, it only takes about a year for baby to sleep through the night and things to get back to normal.



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